5 Puisi Pringadi Abdi Diterjemahkan oleh John H. Mcglynn



You will return but not to my side, the poems

That you wrote in that one solitary letter

Have begun to blur, with some of the word vanishing

Like gas. Becoming the air that i breath

Even though life is never willing to be like champor

Even while i have to wait and wait for you

To open the door, to catch the scent of your perfume


Between us, i’m not actually certain

How much this embrace really means


The moment to take you away

Is the moment you take me to die



At The Station


anyone might think

we are sitting at this station

in wait of someone

we know not who

trust is like fire

we only know, he will come

faithful twilight is on fire

its flame dancing

like is an opera

we are pair of gulls

meeting in storm

remembering a love with an unchanging climate

when we were so very much accursed

we could only wait

for someone, or anyone

without the heart to bring bad news

about candles or lanterns

distinguished bya typhoon

anyone might think

we are sitting at this station

as people, waiting for someone

we know not who

we know not why




Sandy Serenade


We will learn to cry, but nor in poetry.


He was just an entertainer, who tought humanitarian displays would

Finally end. But not that night; the sky was still red. Sand was in the

Air, attacking eyes that still could see. Afterwards he couldn’t see

Anything, except the past from within his heart.

What he felt was not hopelessness. There was sure to be a tomorrow.

A day when he would dance again at the end of rifle muzzle, and feel

The coldness of bullets in his body. But that night it was not cold, as if

The birth fire found in every mand had made his body pur with so

Much sweat it formed a small river leading to nil.

May be there won’t be a war. May be there won’t be death. But people

Welcome war and death with laughter and guffaws. He could not bear

The tightness in his chest. Oh.


Isn’t history written in blood?

But he had only learned to write with ink

And cry with tears.



I tried to write this poem on twitter but there is no rain

And there is no you


In the line of time, there is no rain, no you,

Words descend from the sky line divine inspiration

But who can hear, who can see


We are accustomed to laughing at different things

But always cry for the same

Again and again, over and over, untiring


Each loneliness bequeathed to lovers

Who are defeated or die in their love

We stor carefully like a time capsule


Buried in the deep earth, near a tree

That was full grown since the time Adam

Come down to earth in his journey to find his love


In the line of time, people compete to be mentioned

But there is no mention of god, nor for you

I am the ant that escapes attention


And whenever I thin I’ve finished writing a poem

It’s then i also realize there cannever be enough of you

In the scop of 140 characters




The Last Rain in Memory


I will set aside this mist for you
until the time comes to meet
for leaves have only just begun to grow
after the curse of a century of drought
for my failure as a man to turn stones
into gold

an elderly alchemist named khidir
who disappeared into eternity
left a message for me:

even one drop of the bitter rain that fell that evening
is capable of becoming a new world

no one knows, I’ve even concealed my shadow
in that old and windowless house
and that I’m looking now for other shadows
cast by a woman with reddened lips

upon seeing her, the rain will lessen
and everyone will begin to affirm the feeling of pain

I will set aside this mist for you
until the time comes to meet
and the leaves that are styudying to write down names
don’t come to know how your name is spelled

as death or as love





Pringadi Abdi Surya. Dilahirkan di Palembang, 18 Agustus 1988. Pernah terpilih menjadi Duta Bahasa Sumatra Selatan 2009. Sekarang tengah bertugas di Subdit Pembinaan Proses Bisnis dan Hukum, Direktorat Sistem Perbendaharaan. Lulusan Akuntansi Pemerintahan STAN 2010 ini suka jalan-jalan.

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